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“From the very start, Young & Haggard focused their sound around the lead guitar and today, they continue to deliver audiences authentic, guitar-driven performances.

Influenced by legends such as Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, good old country music is always on tap when these guys hit the stage. If you enjoy blues music, you may also get a taste of that with a few numbers from Brock's solo blues album, Anvil & Steel.

Proudly based out of Southeastern Manitoba,

Young & Haggard has a bright future ahead of them!”


Read on to learn about the band members and how the band came by their name!

Brock Reimer

Vocals & Guitar

Brock Reimer cut his teeth learning from, and performing with, The Jakebrakes. He also spent countless hours under mentors and local heroes at jam nights across Winnipeg, including Blues icons such as Big Dave McLean, Tim Butler, and Brent Parkin. Recently Brock stepped back into the role of front-man for Young & Haggard. Although he’s known for his chickin’ pickin’ country guitar, you can also catch him playing and singing the blues from time to time. Such an example is the solo project he recorded back in 2012 named Anvil & Steel (available on Spotify and Apple Music). Other notable bands that Brock has played for include;

Cold Hard Cash, Byron Falk & The Half-Time Cowboys, Luke Reimer, and The Rock Ridge Pickers.

Adrian Petkau

Guitar & Backup Vocals

Adrian Petkau is the youngest member of the band, but judging by his blistering licks and smooth leads, you would think he'd been performing for decades. His effortless execution on guitar is a joy to watch and a thrill to hear. When you add to that his ability to provide backup vocals, there's no doubt that this young guitarist as he has a bright future ahead!

Roger Thiessen

Bass Guitar

Roger Thiessen is the newest member of the band, rounding out the sound on bass guitar. Coming from a family of locally renowned musicians, it’s no surprise he landed the gig when Young & Haggard was looking to find a replacement for their former bassist. Tightening up the rhythm section with solid bass lines, his cool demeanor and chill playing style enable the band to really lock into the groove.

Riley Sobering


One of Riley Sobering's biggest highlights as a drummer came when offered the job of recording in Nashville. The marketing director for record company "Full Circle Music" - who has produced albums for Newsboys, Skillet, and Toby Mac - found Riley's YouTube channel and asked him if he'd be interested in coming down to Nashville to record some songs with his band's latest project. Pretty cool for his first gig in a studio! Check out Riley's YouTube channel, “Riley Sobering Drumming" or, better yet, watch him live with Young & Haggard!

Young & Haggard

The story behind the name...

Many people have asked about the name, Young & Haggard. Contrary to a common assumption, the band is not a tribute band for either Neil Young or Merle Haggard. However, co-founders Brock Reimer and Dylan Martens have great respect for these two artists - and there is this play-on-words that adds a little depth to the title. Another misconception, early on, was that the eldest member in the band, being about 30 years older than the next oldest member, was considered the “Haggard” while the rest of the band was “Young”. In actuality, the inspiration for the name came from a Willie Nelson tune (written by his son Lukas).

A word from Brock Reimer;
“In Willie Nelson’s song, No Place To Fly, there’s a line that states, ‘I know I’m still young, but I can only get older’. This brilliant phrase perfectly described a dilemma I’d been having in that, whenever I would comment about my body feeling old, people kept telling me, “Oh you’re young, you can handle it” or “You’re too young for back pain” and many such comments alike. So, when I heard this line, I realized that, yeah, I may not be THAT old but, hey, with each passing day I can only get older - never younger. I already have all kinds of aches and pains that people tell me I shouldn’t be having at my age but, that’s just the way it is. So, if you ever have the notion to call me 'Young', well then you might as well call me "Young & Haggard". I shared the name with the band and, as they say, the rest is history.”

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